A World Class Transport System for Edinburgh

Our remit is to deliver a series advice related to transport initiatives which will provide an efficient infrastructure to equal the best in Europe and be accessible to all.

As traffic congestion continues to increase causing problems in Edinburgh and the surrounding areas, the City of Edinburgh Council’s (CEC) vision is to provide the city with a revitalised transport infrastructure which will promote and support a growing economy, creating a healthy, safe and sustainable environment.

The aim is to cut congestion and improve the city’s environment by providing real choices for travel for all those living in and around Edinburgh.

Key elements
Key elements of the CEC’s investment package include a tram network for the capital; major improvements to the city’s bus services; enhancing the existing rail network, providing a ring of Park and Ride facilities; delivering a network of pedestrian and cycles routes around the city and increasing expenditure on maintenance of road infrastructure.

We will procure and project manage a new tram network as part of the Council’s plan.

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